House renovation in Dubai

Transform Your Home with PRO-studio

The terms are specified in the contract

Start of work within 24 hours

Masters with 5+ years of experience

Free 3D visualization of the project

Free no-obligation estimate

Get a quote in 5 minutes


Where will the repairs take place?

Studio apartments

from 2500 AED

Kitchen remodeling

от 8500 AED

2 Bedroom Apartment

from 5000 AED

Home renovation

from 7000 AED

Bathroom renovation

от 9 000 AED


from 4000 AED

Where have we worked before?

Our work doesn't need to be redone, because:

Masters with experience

Work experience of at least 5 years


Multilevel quality control

Report for all stages of work

Personal WhatsApp group where all progress reports are sent. All photos and videos

Personal foreman

You dont need to constantly come to the facility and monitor the renovation process — our specialist will do it for you

The work to be performed is described in the contract

Everything in the contract - estimate, scope of work, deadlines


During the warranty period, all defects are eliminated free of charge

Get home renovation by professionals

General Manager

Egor Simonov

Quality control, managing the team 

Quantity Surveyor

Valentin Mishchenko

Determines the cost of renovation, helps you minimize renovation and material costs


Maxim Sokolov

Prepares walls, designs tiling. Lays tiles according to the scheme. Rubs seams, mounts hidden hatches.


Konstantin Shestakov

Supervises construction at the facility, monitors compliance with deadlines. Maintains records of completed work.


Victor Sokratov

Electrical installation and demolition


Vitaly Abramov

Works with water supply and drainage systems

Steps involved into hause renovation

Phone consultation

We identify your priorities and tell you where to start.

On-site measurement and cost estimation

Our quantity surveyor comes at your convenience, takes measurements, creates an estimate.

Contract conclusion

Signing a contract

Work execution

The project manager is assigned to the project. He will be in touch 24/7. Home renovation team will also send weekly reports and report progress on WhatsApp chat.

Stage-by-stage work approval

Payments are made at the end of each stage. You always know that renovation is going on without delay and is under quality control.

Final stage. Renovation project handover. Remainder payment.

You accept the final stage of the work and pay the rest of the money.

Call quantity surveyor

Our quantity surveyor will arrive at your convenience, create an estimate and answer your questions

Customer reviews

Victoria Kamyshina
Victoria Kamyshina
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Thank you for doing such a great job! I always pay attention to details first, so I can say that you did your part 100%! Meeting the deadline wasn't really a priority for me (although that is important too). But it was more about keeping the apartment's interior neat and flawless.
Eugeniy Nikodimov
Eugeniy Nikodimov
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Okay, I'll try to be objective. This was my first time ordering apartment renovations, so I didn't know much about it all. I chose you because I liked your site and the way your surveyor handled things. When I saw the design project, I knew right away that I want to try working with you. The contract looked quite credible, too. All in all, everything's fine!
Nikolai Razin
Nikolai Razin
Read More
You did a well-done job. My apartment looks cozy and stylish. I couldn't find any flaws in your works, not then, during renovations, not now, two weeks later. Tiles are even, the laminate is even, the walls are even, the ceilings are even, and the wallpaper is even. When I met the surveyor, he assured me that I am working with real professionals. Turned out, he was right! Thank you guys! I don't regret choosing you one bit.


No, materials are not included in the repair cost.

However, we can help you save 7-15% on materials, because we work with reliable partners that sell products at wholesale prices.

We only work with highly skilled craftsmen with 5+ years of experience in all kinds of repairs.

The clients pay in milestones, as the work progresses.

I.e. when a certain stage of works is done (for example, base construction or room repair), the job is handed over to the client, the handover act is signed and the client pays for the work done .

It is usually the next day after creating an estimate and signing a contract.

In some cases, it might take 1-2 days, depending on customer needs.

Yes, we can easily perform repairs of one room or bathroom, as well as a light apartment renovation.

We can guarantee high quality and fast execution of such work.

We recommend taking all the furniture out, as it might get severely damaged by moisture and dust.

If you do not have a place to move your furniture, we can help you with that. This way, you will be sure that all your things are in a safe place.

You just need to submit an application and conclude a storage contract. The next day the furniture will be disassembled, taken to the warehouse, and will be kept there until the end of the repair.

We use only authentic construction materials that have been checked by us personally.

We always offer a warranty on all kinds of works because we are 100% sure of the quality and durability of the materials we use.

A list of all materials used is specified in the estimate.

Yes, you can.

However, we do not advise you to stay in a room that is being renovated. Since in this case you cannot avoid the inconveniences associated with construction work.

Be sure to plan the repair at a time when you can easily reside in another place or go on vacation.

We provide a written warranty on all works done..

If any problems occur during this period, we undertake to correct them free of charge.

In addition to warranty obligations, our company provides post-warranty service.

Get a quote in 5 minutes

After the consultation, you will receive:

Calculation of the cost

Personal selection of projects

A set of useful guides

Home renovation terms and costs

At our company you can order a cosmetic, rough, major or high-end design renovation of apartments, houses, and stores of all kinds that we perform according to custom design projects. These are highly sought-after and relevant services that we have been providing in the contemporary market for 12 years. The choice of renovation type determines the timing, scope, and final cost of the work per square foot.

High-end design renovation, as well as total repair are the most difficult ones, whereas cosmetic repair is the easiest and low-cost. The turnkey major renovation of a 667 ft² apartment took 4-5 months, while a finishing of 431 ft² apartment in a new building took 2 months. The repair time depends on property type, service conditions of the apartment as well as its initial condition.

You can learn the price per sq. ft. by ordering the cost estimate. It is completely free. We handle all types of real estate. We renovate apartments with any number of bedrooms, luxury villas or single areas, including balconies and loggias.

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